Image Sunglasses have images bonded to the lens.  They do not interfere with the ability to see or obstruct vision.  NFL sunglasses, College sunglasses, Camouflage sunglasses, Custom sunglasses (Logo sunglasses, Corporate sunglasses, Poker sunglasses, Promotional sunglasses, Special Event sunglasses, Theme sunglasses, Kids sunglasses,  Security sunglasses, Photograph sunglasses, Artistic sunglasses, Fashion sunglasses, any reason you might want an image on a pair of sunglasses, we can do it.  You can put whatever design you choose on Image Sunglasses.  They provide 100% UV protection, are impact resistant, and are made in the USA.  Contact us to order.


What are Image Glasses?

Image Glasses are sunglasses and other eyewear with images, such as photographs, logos, graphics, or a combination of these printed on the lens.  Our process is not a film or color separation screen printing.  It is a process that prints and bonds the image to the plastic lens in one pass, at one time.  The image is permanently bonded to the lens surface.  We are the only company that has this process.

 Does the image affect the wearer’s vision?

 No.  Our process is optically designed to minimize any significant appearance of the image to the wearer.  The wearer does not see the image.  There is very little difference in vision between wearing standard sunglasses and Image Glasses sunglasses.  This is possible due to the process we use, which works with the eye’s natural focusing ability to eliminate over 95% of the image.  A simple one color graphic to a complex photograph, the image type does not change the vision clarity.   You won’t notice the image, but everyone looking at you will definitely notice it. 


Just a few examples of Image Glasses:



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Image Glasses has a 30 day money back guarantee, just return the sunglasses within 30 days for a full refund.




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